Bucket list

I’m 30 and I decided to make my own travel/life bucketlist – because there is nothing better than a lazy Sunday evening with a cup of coffee and a map. The world is huge so I have to organize my dreams. I called this list 40×40 – things I want to do in the next 10 years (or so!) or just dreams… but remember what they say DREAM BIG! I say it out loud, I send it to the universe, let it happen!

I divided the list by the regions I want to explore more. I’m not a fool, I know I won’t be able to cross out all of the below points but… as long as I keep on living my dream – who cares?

  1. Canada – hire a camper van, visit National Parks, sleep in the forest and befriend a grizzly bear 😉
  2. Road trip in the US – again all the National Parks and fave state which is obviously ALASKA! Ah! Aloha! Forgot about Hawaii!
  3. Mexico – swim in cenotes, visit Yukatan, meet RBD guys (guilty pleasure I know!), learn to cook Mexican food and take part in a parade during Dia De Los Muertos.
  4. All the central America – backpacking – go to the rain forest in Costa Rica.
  5. Dance salsa in Cuba and get to know more about their culture and history – I love Cuban Salsa so I think it’s a natural thing to do.

  1. Colombia – I think it’s an amazing country with an interesting history – I would like to visit all of it and stay in that famous hostel on the water. Shh it’s a secret.
  2. Galapagos – for the wildlife – it has to be amazing!
  3. Bolivia – Salar de Uyuni and the jungle – I was so sad because we didn’t have time to go there during our trip to Peru last April 🙁
  4. Argentina – Patagonia and Ushuaia (and if I have enough money I would definitely go to Antarctica!)

  1. Norther Lights in Iceland  I would actually be happy to go there if there are no Norther Lights to enjoy the outdoor (and the wild horses!) more.
  2. Norway – been there 3 times already but would love to do Kjerag and Trollunga – by foot + sleep in a tent!
  3. Ireland – this must happen before I leave the UK for good (i.ie. 2018 – keep your fingers crossed!).
  4. Skye Island – I’ve recently been to Edinburgh and it’s such a nice city. I heard lots of good things about the nature and outdoor in Scotland and it’s just a couple hours by train from where I live now!
  5. Surf camp in Portugal or Morocco (with yoga if possible).
  6. Gourmet vacation in Italy to discover the variety of food from different regions.
  7. Visit Switzerland for a hiking vacation – this can happen towards my 40th bday I guess, no rush.
  8. Ukraine – Lviv and Kiev by bike. I know… I hate bicycles :p
  9. Visiting my CS friends in Turkey – I have a feeling this country is amazing so fingers crossed for a more stable political situation.
  10. Balkans – explore more – I still haven’t been to Bosnia or Albania.
  11. Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan and back to Georgia (as I had the time of my life there!)
  12. Russia in winter – skating on Baikal lake and in the Red Square, New Years Eve the Russian style!
  13. To live in Spain – I want it to be my final destination (close enough to home, good food and the weather!)

  1. Zambia and the waterfalls (selfie there – google it if you haven’t seen it!) and I want to visit a coffee plantation to learn about it.
  2. Madagascar for wildlife – lemurs and baobabs sounds like a perfect holiday to me 🙂
  3. Safari wherever possible, spotting the BIG 5 would be a dream!
  4. Ethiopia – I went once to a showcase about that country and since then I’m obsessed!

  1. Iran – for its people!
  2. All the countries with – STAN so Kazakhstan, Kirgistan etc. – me, my horse and I.
  3. India – I need that yoga retreat so badly! And would be amazing to take part in an Indian wedding.
  4. Volunteering in Nepal is a real option, more details soon 🙂
  5. Myanmar – to discover undiscovered… and fly hot air balloon!
  6. Wander solo around Sri Lanka for a bit.
  7. VietNam & Laos – to see all the SE!
  8. China – it’s big and I want to see it all! Shall I move there?
  9. Indonesia – for island hopping and surf and a good month of wearing shorts only
  10. Japan – I want to be my childhood’s dream – I want to be Sailor Moon!!
  11. Visiting baby Orangutans in Borneo or Baby Pandas – who doesn’t dream about that?
  12. Diving in Australia – Great Barrier Reef – before it disappears completely.
  13. Write a book about travelling.
  14. Having my own hostel somewhere in Asia or South America.

Here is the list – now it’s time to execute it. Wish me good luck! An amazing 10 years ahead me!